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Time to get your pump fire ready With a hot and dangerous season ahead, it’s a good opportunity for power equipment dealers to support their communities by stocking the best range of portable fire pumps on the market. When a bushfire emergency hits, it’s confusing, hot and noisy. The last thing needed is a fire pump that won’t start. An engine-driven fire pump is critical to any fire protection plan. Aussie Pumps’ Fire Chief is one of the best lightweight and portable fire pumps on the market. Its features outperform all others. In this article, Aussie Pumps’ Chief Engineer John Hales runs through some of the most important fire pump maintenance procedures, and covers some of the complications that could result from neglecting them. The key is familiarity with how the gear works and how to use it. Please share this information with customers and staff so that everyone is prepared for, what could be, a horror fire season ahead. TOP-QUALITY ENGINE The engine must start at first pull and the pump should work well during a bushfire emergency. Regular fire pump maintenance will ensure that the pump is primed ready for action at short notice. Familiarisation will reduce stress during final preparations on the day of high bushfire danger. We hear horror stories of fire pumps on third world engines not performing with leaking seals or even not starting at all. This is the last thing you need when dealing with a fire in a fire emergency. A top-quality engine brand like Honda will generally start the first time but there are a few basic checks needed to ensure that the engine is in top condition. It is important to run the engine for a few minutes on a regular basis during the fire season. Bear in mind that fuel can become stale in just a few months and must be replaced. Using a fuel additive can extend the fuel life. Make sure the fuel tank is left full and that you have sufficient additional fuel, stored safely on site for refills during an emergency. Check the oil level in the engine and refer to the engine manual for the type of oil needed, if the level needs topping up. Aussie’s Honda-powered fire pumps are fitted with ‘Honda Oil Alert’. This means the pump must be on level ground to ensure the oil sensor detects the correct oil level in the engine. The engine will not run if there is insufficient oil or if the unit is on a slope. Make sure the air filter is clean and there is sufficient air flow around the engine. Outside the fire season, consider getting the engine serviced once a year to keep the engine in top condition. THE AUSSIE FIRE CHIEF The Aussie Fire Chief is a self-priming pump so the pump chamber must be full of water before starting the pump. This is done by removing the priming cap on the Regular maintenance will ensure that your fire pump is all set for action at short notice. MAINTENANCE 28 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2023