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MAINTENANCE top of the pump body and filling it with water. Replace the filler cap tightly before starting the engine. Once set up, the Aussie Fire Chief will hold its prime unless it has been drained. If for whatever reason the bowl is empty, it must be refilled. Never run the pump without water running through it as this will damage the mechanical seal. On starting the pump, the water should be expelled through the discharge port within minutes. The length of the suction and discharge hose will determine the time taken to prime. A self-priming pump will not prime if there is an air leak in the suction hose or the strainer is blocked. Check that the suction hose coupling includes the seal and that it’s in good condition. The strainer at the end of the suction hose must be submerged deep enough that a vortex is not generated, but not so deep that it is resting in silt with the potential to clog. Run the pump engine at full revs for the best performance. If the pump is used for pumping saltwater or chemicals, it must be flushed with water immediately after use. Failure to do so can lead to corrosion of the pump internals and that can cause it to seize. Check for leaks around the pump and hose joints once the pump is running. If water is leaking from the back of the pump, the mechanical seal needs to be replaced. An ‘Aussie Rejuvenation Kit’ contains all the O-rings and the mechanical seal for a full service. It is simple to fit and can be done by any mechanically-minded person. Instructions on how to fit the kit and video guide are available on the Aussie Pump website. HOSES AND SPRINKLERS All delivery hoses need to be in good condition and long enough to suit the task at hand. Sprinklers should be run to ensure they are not blocked. The suction hose must reach the water source even once the level drops. Check there are no splits in any of the hoses and replace if necessary. SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE Regular practice is the best way to ensure that everyone in the household, and even neighbours, are familiar with starting and using the pump and the hoses. Maintaining your fire pump is essential for safety during the bushfire season. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. AUSSIE BUSHFIRE SURVIVAL GUIDE Further information on preparing a property ahead of the bushfire season can be found in Aussie’s Bushfire Survival Guide. This free brochure includes a pump selection guide, details on setting up a reticulation system and has tips for defending property and livestock. Pump maintenance and troubleshooting are also covered in the Guide. These are available free of cost from Aussie Pump Gold Distributors or call Aussie Pumps directly on 02 8865 3500 or download at aussiepumps.com.au. Aussie Pumps is also looking for distributors in certain areas to sell and service their great range of fire pumps. Give them a call if you are interested to learn more.