Power Equipment Australasia

REVIEW PREVIEW Review Preview 2023 As we cast our gaze back upon the year 2023, the Australian outdoor power equipment industry, vital for maintaining and enhancing the country's vast outdoor spaces, has emerged as a resilient and dynamic sector that has not only weathered the challenges of an ever-changing world but has also adapted and thrived. From the ongoing impact of the global pandemic to significant environmental concerns and socio-political changes, the OPE industry has shown remarkable resilience and innovation in the face of a shifting global landscape. One of the defining aspects of 2023 was the industry’s continued commitment to environmental responsibility. As environmental concerns grow globally, Australian consumers and businesses alike are placing importance on sustainable practices. Manufacturers and dealers are responding by producing and promoting eco-friendly equipment, embracing cleaner technologies and adhering to stricter emissions regulations. Advancements in technology continues to transform the outdoor power equipment industry. Automation, precision engineering, and the integration of smart technology found their way into a range of products, enhancing both performance and user experience. Features like GPS-guided mowing and remote monitoring of equipment became more commonplace, making the management of outdoor spaces more efficient. The year, however, was not without its challenges. Like many industries, the OPE sector faced supply chain disruptions due to global factors, including the ongoing global pandemic and geopolitical tensions. These disruptions led to occasional shortages and delays, impacting manufacturers, dealers, and consumers alike. However, the industry showed remarkable adaptability, with many businesses finding innovative solutions to navigate these challenges. The P.E.A editions this year have truly captured the trends and issues that have dominated the OPE industry. 2023 saw the addition of several new models to STIHL’s growing range of battery garden power tools. Our coverage of the new launches this past year shows how the brand has cemented its position as leaders in battery innovation. As the market changes, brands are evolving too, and as Sumec’s Sales Director Robbie Raymer informs that the battery power station market is growing rapidly around the world, demanding quiet, efficient power supply for camping and backup power in emergency situations. “Over the coming months, you will see further growth into battery riders, other battery programs for the house as we build the G-Force brand as a must-have in store for all quality specialist stores,” he shares in the edition. Also leading the global transformation in battery-powered lawn and garden commercial maintenance equipment is Kress. With a diverse product range, the brand has a strong roadmap of future releases in the coming year as well. Speaking of milestones, Aussie Pumps celebrated three decades of excellence this year. A company that started out as a “hobby” has become a major force, not just in Australia’s agricultural industry but in export markets globally. JAK Max too focused on development and innovation this year. The company introduced several new products to their ever-growing GREENWORKS range and even expanded its market reach domestically and internationally through strategic partnerships. Speaking of winning formulas, Biscount Software took the lead once again with a successful innings this year. Despite inflation and rising interest rates impacting businesses and consumers, the brand increased its market share and forged stronger relationships with both dealers and suppliers alike in 2023. Flexibility in service, support delivery and new program functionality, shares Steve Fairbrother, are all part of their winning mantra. Join us, dear reader, as we embark on this retrospective expedition, capturing the essence of the year that was while also looking at the year ahead in our Review Preview pages that follow. Happy reading and here’s wishing for a brighter, stronger and powered 2024 for all!