G-Force (Review/Preview)

The market and times are changing, and G-Force is ready for these times writes Sumec’s Sales Director Robbie Raymer.

Our business plans and goals are simple. While others are demanding your business with some unreasonable requests that serves only their needs, we prefer to use older style partnership values, presenting our selected dealers with opportunities to compete and succeed in the market with a product range selected for our conditions; the opportunity to be both profitable and competitive with the big retail giants, the opportunity to have a simple range of products that does not demand huge financial outlay, the opportunity to have a supplier partner who is understanding of the challenges in the market to help you build a successful business.

To date, G-Force has been focusing on building both its distribution and range with some success. We have targeted selected dealers – we do not want every retailer in town – who represent what we see as the right business partners to build a strong and sustainable future for both our customers and the G-Force brand.

G-Force is owned by Sumec Hardware & Tools who are a large manufacturer of OPE for not only our own brands but also many of the leading brands around the world, including the Australian/New Zealand markets. Sumec is also proud to promote they are a carbon neutral manufacturer that meets all local and global manufacturing standards. 

Our 2022 range was based on 5 x Petrol mowers powered by both Zongshen & Honda that deliver both competitive retail positions but importantly profitability to our customers. We are using a proven chassis and specification suited to our mowing habits and grass types; we use common parts across the range to reduce your parts inventory making the dealer business profitable across both retail and workshop.

We know the market and times are changing, and G-Force is ready for these times. We have started with the introduction of battery power using 21700 Samsung cells on our EVmow series with the same specifications as a petrol-powered mower, but we feature up with a powerful 1500w motor that will give you the performance required for our conditions. 

With majority of battery mowers under 1000w the G-Force EVmow stands above the pack, and is not available to mass merchant or tools shops. The EVmow series includes a range of skins including a multi-tool trimmer with 2.0mm easy load head, blower, chainsaw and hedge trimmer, all using the 60v 5Ah Samsung battery pack.

Also now arriving into our Australia range as part of our new market products is the 800m2 Robotic mower that retailers with a strong profit margin to the dealer at $999 as a full DIY kit. This will allow our dealer partners to not only compete but compete aggressively against the mass merchants entering this market space with superior specification and pricing. 

We will also be launching 300w, 1000w and 2000w battery power stations in Australia using high quality battery cells. The battery power station market is growing rapidly around the world for quiet, efficient power supply for camping and backup power in emergency situations. 

The battery power station market presents dealers a great opportunity for increased business that is not dependent on grass growth and is all year around.

Over the coming months you will see further growth into battery riders, other battery programs for the house as we build the G-Force brand and a must have in store for all quality specialist stores.

If you are interested in becoming a G-Force partner, please visit our website at www.gforcetools.com.au and send us your enquiries.