Understanding the smoke and mirrors of battery mowers

Robbie Raymer, Sales Director of Sumec, shares his experience and expertise on how to choose the right mower for your needs

As mower specialists, we are expected to be the experts to consumers looking to buy Outdoor Power Equipment to suit their application. Historically, mower specialists have sold petrol products in the middle to upper markets in both quality and performance with success, and this has given the consumer the reason to shop at a specialist store.

But when it comes to battery products, is this advantage still there over mass merchants? Are the specialists no longer the specialist? Are products being sold with an understanding of performance and results?

The most common misconception in the market is that the Volts and Amps are the measurement of power of a product, and that run time is a way of selling up to a better product in the range. This is wrong, and therefore as specialists we are following other retailers selling product incorrectly. Actual power comes from the motor wattage – this is what is driving the blade against the resistance and giving you performance.

Volt and Amp hours combined equal watt hours (Wh= V x Ah). This is equivalent to the size of your fuel tank in a petrol mower.

Run time is calculated by dividing the watt hours by the motor watts. The variances that come into play including grass type and length, your cutting height, if the grass is wet or dry will impact on how long you will get from the battery.

To quote run time to a consumer can be building a false expectation and it can be manipulated. If, I wanted to increase the run time to impress the consumer, I decrease the motor wattage from 800w to 500w. The actual result is you have a drop in performance, and you will spend more time cutting grass. So, using run time as a reflection of a good mower or not is not a great way to sell a product, it is only a guide if a single battery or multiple batteries will be required for the consumers requirement.

As mower specialists, we need to understand this and not follow the smoke and mirrors being sold by others. You need a clear understanding of the motor watts of the product you are selling to make sure it is fit for purpose against the grass types, grass length and frequency of cut for the consumer’s application.

The other consideration is the mower chassis. Is it made for our grass types and mowing habits? A lot of products in the market are not designed for our conditions. This means with the heaviness/thickness of our grass types and the low motor wattages being used, in some cases they will struggle to give consumers the results they have had in the past with their petrol mower.

The G-Force EVmow series launched this season will see it powered by a 1500w Brushless motor, the capacity to have up to 600wh (2 x 60v 5A batteries) and using the same mower chassis, blades, catcher, and other running gear used without petrol mower range, all made for our grass types and mowing conditions. With the combination of power and performance, this battery powered mower will give the consumer a product that meets their expectations.

If you are interested in becoming a G-Force stockist, please send your enquiry to robbie@nullsumec.net.au or enquire via the gforcetools.com.au website.