If batteries cannot go in the bin, where can they go?

Is your business based in Victoria and you’re wondering how to deal with the new ban on batteries going to landfill? Envirostream is here to help and is paving the path for others to follow.

From 1 July 2019 the Victorian Government has banned batteries going into landfill, meaning you cannot throw old batteries into the bin at home or at work. South Australia already passed this law and the other states are looking to follow. So, if batteries cannot go into the bin, where can they go?

Envirostream Australia has developed a low cost battery collection model to help companies divert batteries and power tools out of the bin and into a material recovery system.

Why is this important? 

Annually, 18,000 tonnes of batteries require disposal in Australia–the equivalent of a staggering 750 million AA batteries. The problem is 95 per cent of them end up in landfill, making us the worst battery recycling country in the OECD. 

Batteries contain hazardous and heavy metals that the pollute our environment and waterways and contaminate landfills. 

So, what is Envirostream? 

Based on over 2.5 years of continuous research and development, and now in the third year of operation, Envirostream has constructed a commercially viable battery recycling plant that can recover around 95 per cent of the materials used in batteries, including copper, steel, and aluminium (which is returned to the manufacturing sector) and a graphene metal oxide (which is used as an input material in new battery manufacture). This makes Envirostream Australia the first and presently only onshore lithium battery processor, helping to create a true circular economy for end-of-life batteries.

How can I get involved in a battery collection program? 

Collection infrastructure is sent directly to companies to begin collecting batteries that would have previously gone in the bin. Once the collection units are full, Envirostream arranges to pick them up and take them to their material recovery plant in Victoria for processing.

This is not only good for the environment and material recovery in Australia, but it creates jobs and supports the community and businesses to do the right thing now that batteries cannot go in the bin.

For more information on setting up a battery collection program at your work contact Envirostream Australia on info@nullenvirostream.com.au or 1800 72 72 74.