Kubota pumps up family business

8 Inch Direct Drive Kubota Powered Pumpset

Having worked as a mechanical engineer at Kubota, Alex Pedemont is steering the reins at NSI Pumps and Diesel Power where he says the needs of other small businesses they cater to are paramount.

For Alex Pedemont, this opportunity was too good to pass up. Having worked as a mechanical engineer at Kubota for the better part of a decade, he was looking for a new challenge. NSI Pumps and Diesel Power, a privately-owned, family-run irrigation pumpset business based out of Numurkah in Victoria, was looking for new ownership at the start of 2021. 

Mr Pedemont jumped at the chance to bring the skills he’d learned through his years at Kubota and turn them into a viable family business.

NSI designs, builds, services and repairs pumpsets to suit a variety of agribusiness needs – from flood and drought control to irrigation and water management. The business imports a range of mixed flow, self-priming and trash pumps for use on farm.

The company has been operating for about twenty-five years, servicing clients from across regional Victoria.

Small scale, big dreams

“It’s a family business, definitely,” Mr Pedemont said. 

“We’re a small team of three, so we understand the needs of other small businesses we service. Our biggest advantage is that we work to the needs of the farmers. It allows us to build pumpsets to a set of exact specifications, customised to suit the role required on each property.

“It means that every pumpset is bespoke. It is extra work at the front end, but our customers are very satisfied with the ongoing performance of their pump as it is specifically built for their application.

“Size isn’t a constraint for NSI. From two inches to forty inches, we work out the volume and head requirements for each customer and manufacture a set
to suit. 

“We have a range of mixed flow irrigation pump sets including diesel-powered, electric-powered, electric drive, PTO drive and high-pressure ISO pumps.”

For the cropping regions of northern Victoria, good irrigation is an absolute necessity. NSI services clients across the spectrum of agriculture, from dairy producers through to grain croppers.

“There is a lot of rice, corn, wheat and barley up here – some thirsty crops that really need an efficient irrigation system to grow effectively,” Mr Pedemont explained.

“In times of drought, users can rely on NSI pumps. The pump ensures water can be effectively drained away.

“That variety means there really is no one-size-fits-all pumping solution.” 


Trailer Mounted 10 Inch Pumpset with a Kubota V3300 Water Cooled Engine.

With croppers constantly working the land, there’s no time to be hands off. 

Electric and diesel pumps are only as good as the components they’re built from – pipelines with blockages, air leaks, and other issues that affect flow management can set the owners back by days, or even weeks.

Mr Pedemont understands this, and he and his small team are dedicated to helping farmers maintain the pumpsets after they’ve been installed.

“We’ve always believed in continuity of service,” he elaborates. “It’s never been about doing the job quick, it’s been about doing the job right, and making sure the guys working on the farms have access to the best support available.”

It’s for this reason that he prefers to use Kubota engines to power the pumpsets.

“Reliability is number one. You really don’t want to be dealing with engine troubles when it’s in the field, and we’ve found that Kubota machinery just works,” he said.

“Having a reliable engine means we aren’t constantly getting called out to fix faulty motors. We can be confident that when we’re supplying these custom pumpsets to our customers, that they’re going to last.”

As a former Kubota engineer, Mr Pedemont knows the ins and outs of all the engines used at NSI.

“For anything from five to one hundred horsepower – around 80 per cent of diesel pumps – we use Kubota.

“It’s a turnkey solution. Everything we get from Kubota; power pack units, mufflers, radiators, engine harnesses, controllers – they’re ready to go straight out of the crate.”

This convenience is a boon for NSI and its clients. Mr Pedemont and his team can spend less time worrying about bringing various engine components together and wrangling them into a cohesive mechanism – they can just choose the right engine from the start.

“We size the engines so they are running at their peak torque and maximum fuel efficiency, and we match them so they’re not being overworked. Kubota engines are our go-to,” he says.

“Kubota engines provide excellent fuel economy and a quieter run. They’re reliable, efficient, and they’re a product I’m happy to stand behind.”

For Mr Pedemont, he expects NSI Pumps to continue to turn to Kubota in the years ahead to keep his business running. 

6 Inch Pumpset coupled to a Kubota RT140 Diesel Engine.

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