Mowing made easy and hassle-free

Greenworks 42” ride-on and zero turn mowers promise to take the hard work out of yard work.

Greenworks Pro RZ42M and RLV42M

Do you want to take the hassle out of mowing your acreage? Are you tired of breaking deck belts, and the extra cost of petrol just to get the yard looking good? If you are looking for a clean and easy green yard care experience then GREENWORKS Australia has two excellent solutions on the market that promise to take the hard work out of yard work.

GREENWORKS offers a 42” zero turn and a 42” ride-on mower in their 60V battery product line-up. Both come ready to mow with six 8.0Ah batteries and three rapid dual port chargers. These units give a runtime of approximately 90 minutes, or up to 2 acres (load dependent) with the petrol equivalent of 24hp of power. Recharging the batteries is done with ease, taking up to 60 minutes to charge using fan-cooled rapid dual port chargers. The battery system on the GREENWORKS mowers is in parallel, which means you can run the mower on just one battery, or all six at once. So you can remove a couple for charging and still keep mowing.

Greenhorns Pro Battery compartment

The battery bay is located under a comfortable, high-back seat, and is fan cooled – keeping the batteries cool whilst in use. Being that the batteries are under the seat in the middle of the mower, the centre of gravity of both mowers is great, allowing you to mow on an incline of up to 15 degrees. This also allows a rear storage tray of up to 100kg to be used to carry anything in the yard.

GREENWORKS mowers have been built tough with the design of the units similar to conventional petrol mowers, thus making the leap from petrol to battery feel more familiar. 

A conventional key switch is utilised to start and there’s a simple digital hour meter with display of battery percentage and hours. The ride-on features a heavy duty cast iron front axle, with tie rod end steering that allows for a turning circle of 60cm. The zero turn is exactly that – zero turn with lap bars, which feature dampener struts on the arms to allow for precise control of the unit whilst steering. 

Both units feature a strong 12-gauge steel deck with a reinforcement lip around the edge. Under the covers is where the GREENWORKS mowers really show their strength with 25mm spindle shafts on the deck motors, sacrificial pins on the blade holder to prevent damage if something were to hit the blades whilst cutting, a fully welded tube frame, greaseable front wheels and axles and serviceable reduction gearboxes – these mowers are built for hard work. 

GREENWORKS mowers come with a mulch plug included and have the option of a rear bagging catcher system as well. The catcher retails for $850 and is very simple to fit to the mowers. Included in the catcher kit is a set of higher lift blades, which offer a lot more wind speed to get the grass into the catcher. With a 200-litre capacity, the catcher option will keep your yard looking best in the neighbourhood.

To achieve optimum runtime, it’s best to mow your lawn regularly rather than mowing thick heavy grass. Mowing excessively thick, heavy grass will affect your mowers runtime, which is no different to petrol models. As you would use more fuel to mow a thick heavy grass load, you will use more battery power and reduce runtime doing the same. The key to this is to mow your yard more often, which not only will help runtime, but also makes your lawn look fantastic. 

Greenhorns Pro RLV42M

GREENWORKS mowers are powered by TruBrushless Motor Technology, spinning the blades at 3000rpm. Coupled with Smartcut Technology, there are microchips in the motors that adjust motor rpm and power output depending on the load of grass that is being cut. The zero turn mower has high and low speed functions for the drive, with a top speed of 12km/h –as well as high and low speed for the blades. Mowing with these in maintenance cutting will give the operator longer run-times.

GREENWORKS mowers come fitted with great technology. There are twin 5V USB chargers on board to keep your devices charged and a simple to use app for your smartphone. This app gives the user information on their device, such as hours used, speed, blade rpm, how many hours you have cut for, and some great diagnostic info with fault codes. Both mowers come with GPS tracking on board, so if you need to know where your mower is, you can locate it in the palm of your hand. 

Battery storage and charging is critical with battery products, and it is important to store your batteries correctly to maintain maximum lifespan and power. All the GREENWORKS batteries are high quality lithium-ion cells. The best practice for storing your batteries for an extended period is to charge them and then place them indoors, out of direct sunlight. If the temperature in your shed/garage hits above 50 degrees, it’s best to move them to a cooler place to store. If you’re just storing between mowing, remove them from your mower, place them on charge. The chargers will charge intelligently and automatically switch off once the battery has recharged to 100 per cent.

If you are wondering whether the GREENWORKS mowers can mow wet grass and whether the mower can be washed, the answer is yes. The GREENWORKS mowers are IPX4 water resistant. They can mow wet grass and can be washed, just not doused in water.

The deck also features a wash port to wash the underside of the deck if there’s build-up of wet grass or mud. It is important to clean your mower deck as this will assist with better cutting performance and it is always vital to let your mower cool down before cleaning it. 

Greenhorns Pro CRZ 428

It’s never been easier to make the switch from petrol to battery mowers, and GREENWORKS Australia makes it easy with their ride-on and zero turn mowers as well as a complete range of OPE products that promise to make your time in the garden hassle-free.