Aussie Peacekeeper

Australian Pump Industries recently released a new 4,000 psi (275 bar) pressure cleaner powered by a silenced high tech German diesel engine. Called the Aussie Peacekeeper, the machine uses an advanced design 4-stroke diesel engine manufactured by Hatz of Rushstorf, providing users a low sound level of only 65 dBA while providing full power to the high pressure pump.

With a 4000 psi pressure rating and 15 lpm flow, the Peacekeeper packs a real wallop that enables cold water cleaning of a wide range of ‘cityscape’ tasks.

The Australian-designed machine utilises a heavy duty “Scud style” frame mounted on a skid style base and is fitted with fork truck tyne slots to enable it to be easily taken on and off vehicles or moved around construction sites.

A wide range of optional accessories, including turbos, that impact the effect of the machine to 6485 psi are available. Flat surface cleaners, telescopic lances, grit blasters and other accessories are also available.

Australian Pump Industries