Aussie Pumps Drought Buster

Aussie Pump’s new range of high capacity 3” and 4” Kubota-powered “Drought Buster” gushers move big volumes fast with minimal cost. Built around the popular Aussie “Quik Prime” design principles, the pumps offer fast self-priming, with vertical lifts up to 8.4 metres. They are powered by Kubota’s 9.5 hp OC95 electric start air and oil cooled diesel engines. This innovative design means that the engine runs cooler, is quieter and provides an excellent fuel economy.

The pumps feature huge flows with the 4” version delivering a whopping 1,600 lpm and heads of up to 28 metres. Ideal for fast filling water carts or transferring big volumes, the new pumps move more water per litre of fuel.

The pumps are backed by Aussie Pumps’ unique five year guarantee and the engines come with Kubota’s two year warranty.

For further information call Aussie Pumps on 02 8865 3500.

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