Aussie Super Pump

Australian Pump Industries recently released a new diesel powered 4” pump that delivers both high pressure and high flow. Called the QPT405SLTD, the pump uses twin impeller technology to deliver pressures in excess of 125 psi and flows of up to 46,200 litres per hour.

Using Aussie’s “Quick Prime” design, the pump offers user-friendly features that include the ability to self-prime from depths of 7m, meaning the user doesn’t have to prime the entire suction line in order to get liquid into the pump. It enables the pump to prime itself once the pump body is filled with water.

The pump is powered by a Kohler air cooled diesel engine developing 12kW power at 3600 rpm. It has the ability to shift flows of up to 450 lpm at a 50m head, or around 300 lpm at 60m head. Although the pump packs a wallop, it weighs in at only 245kg, or 325kg when fully packed for shipping.

Australian Pump Industries