EGO Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower

The future of lawn care 

The EGO Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower packs all the power of petrol, without the noise, fuss or fumes.

It’s the weekend. You’re in the driver’s seat. You’re flying through the yard, gliding through grass like butter. You lean into the corners, handling them with ease. You feel the wind and sun against your skin. You breathe in that fresh, cool morning air. You’re in the EGO Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower. 

Ultimate power and zero emissions 

EGO Power Plus is the most-awarded cordless platform on the market. If you’re familiar, you’ll know just how great battery power can be. If you’re new to the platform, well, you’ll never look at petrol the same way again. The EGO Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower is the future of lawn care. Now, it’s finally available in Australia. 

Behind every great EGO is patented 56V ARC Lithium™ technology. It is the industry’s most advanced battery platform, with shock resistant design and intelligent power management and cooling, delivering unmatched power and performance. These aren’t the batteries you bang out of your TV remote when they stop working. These super cells are the future. 

The Z6 comes with four of them, totalling to 40.0Ah. That’s enough power to cut up to two acres of lawn on a single charge. Your Z6 won’t suddenly flash red, switch off and leave you stranded. It packs all the power of petrol, without the noise, fuss or fumes. When the batteries do run low, you’ll get a notification on your dashboard, directing you to the power bay in your garage. Smart, isn’t it? 

The Z6 can recharge 40.0Ah in two hours. You know the dreadful feeling of waking up on a sunny Sunday and realising your tools have no charge. It’s not a problem here. Just plug your Z6 into your wall mounted charger, have a coffee, then get started in the yard. 

Game changing features 

The Z6 can tackle pretty much anything with four 10.0Ah batteries, but it can hold up to six. You may be asking yourself, ‘What happens when I add two more?’ EGO calls it ‘Peak Power’ and it’s the equivalent of turbo charging your Z6. With a maxed-out battery bay it can produce 3,360 watts. That puts the Z6 on par with a 22-horsepower engine.

It’s no secret that EGO’s 56V ARC Lithium technology™ is the best in the industry. That’s why the batteries that power your Z6 are the same batteries that power every single EGO product. When you are done with the lawn, un-slot the batteries from your Z6, put them into your blower, trimmer or chainsaw, then get back to business. 

Every backyard is unique, so you’ll be glad to hear the Z6 is customisable where it counts. It has adjustable blade speeds and cutting heights, as well as options for mulching, bagging and side discharge. It also has multiple driving modes: standard, control and sport. 

Like all EGO products, ergonomics and comfort are front of mind in design. It has an air ride suspension seat, which makes going over the uneven parts of your yard smooth sailing. Plus, there’s a storage area with a USB port for your phone and two drink holders. Once you sit in a Z6, you might not want to get off. 

What’s in the box? 

The EGO Z6 Zero Turn Mower is priced at RRP $9,499. Out of the box, you’ll get the Z6 itself, mulching plug, four 10.0Ah batteries and a wall-mounted charger. There’s also a domestic five-year product and three-year battery/charger warranty. If you’re having second thoughts about your ride-on mower, register your interest in the Z6 today. 

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