Selecta DieselPower 400 Litre Cube

A 400 Litre capacity DieselPower fuel source has been added to the Selecta range.

The unit features a Polytuff Diesel cube tank that is ultra violet stabilised, impact resistant and is equipped with an internal baffle preventing fuel surging when mobile on the road. Spaces for entry by a forklift’s forks are formed into the tank profile for easy lifting on or off a vehicle when empty.

The fully lockable lid supplied with a padlock is designed to prevent fuel theft or pilferage. There is also a locking feature on the cap of the diesel filler opening to the tank.

Other features include a twelve-volt DC self-priming Selecta DieselPower pump, four-metre length of 19 mm internal diameter delivery hose, power cord and alligator clips for attachment to the battery source, which are all contained neatly and out of sight beneath the secure cover.

Silvan Australia