RC Mowers: Smart slope mowing solutions

Standout features of RC Mowers include ability to mow on steep hills, capable of tackling aggressive angles, tall grass, challenging and even swampy terrain safely

RC Mowers

Choosing the right mowing equipment appropriate for maintaining embankments and hard to access areas, while providing safety along with a quality finish, has never been easier thanks to RC Mowers.

RC Mowers are smart, remote controlled, all-terrain mowers ideal for maintaining hazardous and time-consuming vegetated areas. RC Mowers safely mow slopes of up to 50 degrees, cutting material up to 50mm, making them ideal for parks and gardens, sports turf applications, airports, roadsides and other municipality works. With their superior climbing ability and power to mow the tallest and thickest grass efficiently, delivering game-changing opportunities – including safer working conditions, more capabilities, more efficiency and safer work environments.

Safety with slopes

Built in the USA, their standout features include the ability to mow on steep hills, capable of tackling aggressive angles, tall grass, challenging and even swampy terrain safely. Mowing dangerous, complex angles and steep slopes pose serious safety issues, especially when using products like brush cutters and line trimmers. With 3,560 serious claims by agriculture, forestry and fishing in 2017-2018, estimated at around $40,228,000 in total, preventing unnecessary injuries such as repetitive strains (RSI) is essential. Utilising a remote-controlled device such as the RC Mower TK-52XP not only provides the user with a 300m remote range, but simple actions such as pulling levers, working on angled terrain, and using your back and body weight are all alleviated.

The rugged and easy-to-use remote control comes with inbuilt safety features like emergency stop and tilt drop sensors for auto shutdown, LCD screen with real time information and diagnostics, 1 hour charge for 20 hours run-time and much more, thus allowing the operator to work efficiently all the while standing at a safe distance.

Return on investment 

One of the many benefits of using a high quality and durable mower like RC Mowers is the time spent on mowing. Copious amounts of man hours are saved especially when it comes to large areas. Locations that have been impossible to reach can be done with ease, saving countless hours and money. In some instances, utilising a remote-controlled mower can reduce costs with greater efficiency. For example, if one job requires a lot of slope mowing, that previously took six workers one week with line trimmers, to one worker utilising a remote-controlled mower in significantly less time with significantly less risks, it becomes an easy decision to make!

Models to suit sports/ turf management solution

There are three RC Mowers remote-controlled models available in Australia and New Zealand. The TK44E with a 1220mm (44-inch) cut, the TK52XP with a 1320mm (52-inch) cut and the TK-60XP. All three models come with a choice of blades consisting of finishing blade, mulching blade or reaper blade for desired finish. The powerful Kawasaki engine is also easy to service and maintain. Running on 7 inch wide tracks, this remote-controlled mower offers low ground pressure for wet terrain, and this enables it to be used in all-weather and all-conditions.

One mower, endless uses 

RC Mowers is not limited to 
• Wetland and swamp preservation
• Retention or water treatment ponds
• Dam and levy embankments
• Landfill slope preservation
• Roadside mowing
• Steep slopes and extreme landscaping
• Golf course maintenance
• Swampy low lying areas
• Mowing under solar panels

For more information on RC remote-controlled mowers, log on to https://colbrookindustries.com.au