The Future is Now: Stihl’s iMow takes charge

Stihl iMow

In the age of modern technology, innovations such as Bluetooth and WiFi has made chores almost obsolete. Whether you personally love spending time mowing your luscious lawn and inhaling the scent of freshly cut grass, or would you rather have a beer or two on the porch –  one  thing is for certain: The future of mowing is here and it’s AI-Powered.

The fascination with these compact, almost endearing cruisers is what tickles the brain: how do they work? Hovering over the grass, they seem to move with precision and determination. Well, they do. Powered by robotic technology, the mower uses various sensors, with the garden being mapped out already with parameters for optimum mowing paths, measured by wires beforehand. These sensors enables the machine to feel for barriers, obstacles and maneuver around other garden accessories. Ease of use applications such as slope tolerances, pre-programmed times, safety features, and maintaining your lawn with the fine mulch that gets deposited back into your lawn helps your lawn grow lusher by the day. And now, it only gets easier, as the mower gets appified. Want to cut the grass from the couch? Too easy. STIHL has made their iMOW® robotic mowers even smarter: owners of the C and PC models had already been able in the past to conveniently access their robotic mower from anywhere with a smartphone or tablet using the iMOW® app. 

Stihl iMow

From now on, the iMOW® robotic mowers can also be operated via Smartwatch. Another new feature is the ability to control the iMOW® robotic mower by means of the innogy SmartHome app. This system is based on the open IoT (Internet of Things) platform “Livisi” and integrates tools directly into the intelligent building technology. 

The iMOW® robotic mowers can thus be networked with other home and garden tools and sensors: For example, the robotic mower automatically returns to the charging station when the patio door provided with a door contact opens and the children enter the garden to play. What can also be made use of in the future: the convenient Amazon Alexa voice control. The start and the end of perfect lawn care are then determined by the voice control that returns the iMOW® robotic mower to its charging station or sends it on tour as required. In the future, iMOW® robotic mowers will be connected to further smart platforms and systems.

Powerful and reliable

Depending on the model, the STIHL iMOW® Series 4 and 6 robotic mowers mow lawns of up to 5,000 square meters. Thanks to the powerful lithium-ion battery, the robotic mowers can do their work in a comparatively short time, even in extensive gardens, without the owner having to do anything himself. These tools can even handle slopes with up to 45 percent gradients; traction wheels and particularly heavy front wheels for uneven and hilly terrain complete the product range. The smart C and PC models equipped with a SIM chip can also be operated conveniently from a distance. The integrated mobile phone connection does not cause any additional costs as it is included in the tool price.

Stihl iMow

Convenient access via iMOW® app and Alexa Using the iMOW® app

Users can access STIHL’s C and PC robotic mowers from anywhere, they can call up status and error messages or intervene in current activities at any time using a smartphone or tablet – and, more recently, Smartwatch. Depending on requirements, they can start the mowing process via the app or command the iMOW® to drive back to its charging station. Not enough? The app can also access the weather report, thus allowing the iMOW® robotic mower takes the weather into account when planning its activities and adjusts its mowing times correspondingly. In the future, owners will also be able to operate their iMOW® via voice control using Amazon Alexa and send the robotic mower back to its charging station or on tour just by voice command. 

If you’d like to know more about what else a Stihl robotic mowers can do for you, visit your local Stihl dealer or go to the Stihl website