The Innovative Aussie Atom Does it Again!

Designed and manufactured in Australia, Atom Industries has produced another outstanding product – the ATOM AIRLIFT® BLOWER (Pats Pend.)

The AIRLIFT® 855, powered by a Honda 4-Stroke engine, sets a new benchmark in hand blower design; very lightweight, very user friendly and with a massive air blast from Atom’s new technology SMARTFAN® design. That’s why it was awarded an International Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions & Technology in Geneva, Switzerland.


Never before has such an advanced and massive air blast blower been available to the Lawn & Garden Industry – and proudly Australian designed and made!

Ergonomically designed, all ATOM AIRLIFT® blowers feature an anti-vibration rubber handle with professional steel springs system on, plus a user-friendly long trigger throttle and combined cruise control/Stop switch.


Atom had to design and build a digital ‘air thrust’ measuring machine – why not? After all, that’s the preferred unit of measurement for jet engines! The often-hyped jargon claimed by others (12m3/min and/or 200mph, etc) does not ring true when measured on our Atom digital air thrust measurer.

Because the ATOM AIRLIFT® blower air blast is so massive, the blower nozzle is in-line with the handle so that there is no horizontal wrist twisting. The blower is always in smooth stable equilibrium.

For more information about the new ATOM AIRLIFT® BLOWER, see the front cover and News section of the Feb-March issue of Power Equipment Australasia magazine.